2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey
The Strength of the Job Market is One-Sided.

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In Jobvite's 10th annual Job Seeker Nation Survey, we take a closer look at the "candidates' job market."

We examine who is able to get ahead in today's economy, the opportunity costs for those falling behind, and the daily realities (and challenges) for everyone. 
  • Opportunity Usurps Cash: For the first time, career growth opportunities rank number one (61%) on the list of most important factors to look for a new job, surpassing compensation (57%).
  • The Urban/Rural Divide in Job Seeking: 27% of rural workers are much more likely than city dwellers (17%) to believe that finding a job is much harder than last year. 
  • A Signed Offer Isn't Everything: About a third of job seekers have left a job in the first 90 days; many because of misaligned expectations.

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