On-Demand Video Screening Makes High Volume Hiring a Breeze

Zero in On Quality Candidates Quickly

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  • Spotify
  • Loan Depot
  • LinkedIn
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Jobvite Video

Jobvite Video will help you make the right decisions, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. With Jobvite Video, you can:

  • Create questions that candidates can record themselves, answering on their own schedule
  • Collaborate with your team by requesting feedback on candidate videos
  • Save time by eliminating the hassle of phone screen scheduling and phone tag

Our Customers See Higher ROI

  • Better Candidates
    increase in referral hiring
  • Hire Quickly
    faster time-to-hire
  • Save Money 30%
    lower candidate acquisition costs
“We looked at other ATS platforms, but nothing allowed us to get the word out there on social like Jobvite does.” Peter Moore
VP of Talent & Recruiting, Dollar Shave Club