Sourcing, Nurturing, and Social Referrals, Oh My! 

Build Talent Pools and Campaigns to Keep Candidates Engaged

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  • Spotify
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  • LinkedIn
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Jobvite Engage

is a CRM and recruitment marketing solution that can give you a big headstart with every new job position. Jobvite Engage boosts ROI for recruiters and sourcers of any level of experience. We can help you:

  •  Source talent from resume databases, social media sites, web searches, and more 
  • Create segmented talent pools for college recruiting, diversity hiring, veterans' initiatives, and more
  • Drive better results with insights from reports and dashboards to track your best sources of candidates

Our Customers See Higher ROI

  • Better Candidates
    increase in referral hiring
  • Hire Quickly
    faster time-to-hire
  • Save Money 30%
    lower candidate acquisition costs
“Jobvite Engage has allowed us to create a pipeline of people who connect with our core purpose and vision, and engage them in what we’re trying to do.” Cassie Robichaux
Senior Recruiter, AIR Worldwide